Welcome to a heart-based somatic practice that will guide you through a long-lasting transformation!

My name is Yulia Kriskovets and I am here to accompany you on your healing journey to wholeness. Together, we will dive into the secrets of your psyche. You may choose to work with your body and nervous system through touch via Feldenkrais Method or discover hidden patterns that affect your life in Family Constellations work, or combine both into a cohesive healing narrative. Whichever you choose, I will offer consistent support and a safe container for the change you need to make in your body and your life.

WHO is my work for?

You are at the point in your lives where things don't work, be it your body or your mind, your relationships, or your career. You are not in denial about the problem, you’ve realized what isn’t working and you are looking for help. You are curious and ready to become an active participant in the healing process. You are not looking for me to fix you. You understand that healing takes work, and that there is complexity to what we are addressing here.


Individual Feldenkrais Sessions
at the Rockville home office!

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Next Online Constellations Circle - Healing Your Inner Child: October 29 at 1 pm EST

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Monthly Family Constellations Circle - IN PERSON
This is a monthly gathering, which is a good introduction to the Family Constellations method. We may do group exercises, mini-constellations, or a full constellation for a focus client. This circle's topic is our relationship with Father. Its a foundational relationship that shapes how we relate to the world around us, how we are in the workplace, how easy it is for us to earn money, and much more. Fathers in the family systems are often not what they seem, as this important figure is commonly misunderstood and underappreciated.

When: Sunday, October 8, 10 am - 1 pm EST

Cost: $30 for a representative/participant; $120 for a focus client

Where: Bethesda, MD

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